The Beauty of Change is Revealed When We Release Our Resistance to It

If you have found your way to this site, you are likely interested in some innovative ways to usher in positive change. We urge you to read the ABOUT US page and the HOME page section entitled "Decision Making Tools for Personal Growth." There is needed background in those two sections.

In essence, Christine and Toni, attorneys-turned-change-coaches, set out to change the world of offender rehabilitation by creating a program that delivered science-backed techniques on how to better identify and consciously direct the brains' decision making processes. They drew from the field of psychology to understand, from an analytical standpoint, how the daily grind of life affected the ability to make decisions. They also built a holistic, mindfulness portion into their program to round it out and enhance learning.

What they discovered was that, even though neither were personally struggling with poverty or personal involvement in crime, the techniques helped them and their staff grow as well. This curriculum they created turned out to have wide application to anyone who has too much to do with too little time in which to do it. As they started to see positive changes in themselves, they crafted a way to share this information with other busy professionals.

Have you ever experienced the situation where you thought the path of your day would go, metaphorically, something like this:

But it turned out, quickly, to look more like this?

When what you REALLY needed was ...peace? Calm? Time to slow down? Time to reflect?


We aren't looking to give you time management techniques or suggestions on how to reduce your commitments in order to have a more balanced life. We know you already intuitively know those things.

We make the assumption that your life will stay every bit as packed and high-pressured as it has been. Our goal is to help you see how THAT REALITY is impacting your decision making in a sneaky way and what you can do about it.

Learning these techniques, and gaining this vital information, will bring awareness to what your mind is doing to you each day. It's not a meditation (although we all know that helps). Our program consists of strategies to help you design each day so that your biggest decisions can be made at the time when your brain is the least vulnerable and your smallest decisions can be made in a way that doesn't derail your long-term goals.

There are two ways that you can obtain this information.


This short workbook contains the basic information needed in order to grasp the decision making techniques of our program. It is a small amount of the basic information that we teach. It is akin to a cliff note.

One Day Retreat

This retreat requires a minimum of 10 participants and consists of a manual containing detailed information about the techniques, class instruction and 2 hours of professionally taught yoga.

Contact Us

If you are ready to learn some new techniques to aid you in effecting even more positive change in your life through increasing awareness of the brain's decision making process, contact us. You can reach Toni at

Our passion is in spreading this information to other busy professionals so that they can enhance their lives. Our goal is to have you awaken each day and slip into a peaceful slumber each night knowing that you are in greater control of your decisions, which means a more enjoyable and successful life!