Training for Rehabilitation Professionals


Are you a probation or parole officer, workforce development professional, social worker or other professional working with the community to reduce recidivism? If so, we know that you understand the difficulty in stopping the cycle of crime. We also know that your job is INCREDIBLY difficult.

Changing offender criminal thinking patterns is a big job in and of itself. Add to that heavy caseloads, budget cuts, office politics and a public desperate for assurances of public safety but largely naive on the difficulties of rehabilitation and you have a recipe for a large headache at the end of each day. And this doesn't even take into considerations the added complexity of AB109 and the budding SB1004 TAY program. While these are exciting times in terms of the opportunities for rehabilitation, they are also difficult times to navigate.

In essence, Humans Advancing Together offers science backed tools that have been shown, through data collection and proven outcome measures, to be extraordinarily successful. The curriculum and programming tools originated as part of the Ascend program.

If you have not yet read the information listed under "For Rehabilitation Professionals" on the HOME page, we urge you to do so. Additionally, there is a wealth of information on the ABOUT US page that explains key information about the founders of Humans Advancing Together, how the organization came together, and the science-driven techniques of the Ascend program upon which the trainings are based.

Ascend is a non-profit cognitive behavioral therapy program that was created by Christine Morse and Toni White, two criminal attorneys who put together a variety of evidence-based practices to form a cutting-edge rehabilitation program. Sacramento State University signed on at the program's inception to collect data and conduct an outcome measure study.

Ascend started classes in August of 2011 and has produced outcome measures showing it to be so effective that they hailed it as a "model for the nation."

Ascend was shown to have done something incredibly difficult: it lowered reactionary criminal thinking. This is nearly unheard of. The University has been presenting Ascend in national criminal justice conferences and continues to publish papers on the program.

Ascend combines challenging and complicated teachings of psychology and law and wraps it in a host of life skills. The program's methods for creating client-provider trust were born of the experience of the criminal defense attorneys. Researchers indicated that they had never before seen a program cultivate client-provider trust so effectively.


As Christine and Toni soon learned, it would not be possible to expand the Ascend program across the State but it would be possible to train other rehabilitation professionals to work the teachings into their existing programs. This method also allows for the rehabilitation professionals to utilize their own expertise and experience in combination with the Ascend teachings to form a unique program suited to their population's specific needs.

The training consists of a two day conference which includes techniques from the Ascend program along with the science of why it works. There is a combination of lecture, in-class exercises and examples of props and games used in the Ascend program. Everyone generally has a fun time and learns a lot that they take back to their respective programs. At the very least, you will get to watch your colleagues try to do jumping jacks while holding an armful of plastic balls. And you will get to throw a ball at him or her while he or she is doing that. For some, that ALONE may be worth having the training! 🙂

Evaluations of the trainings have been outstanding. Many participants have stated that the training was the best that they had received. Most participants stated that they wanted MORE training along with more curriculum and workbooks/teacher manuals that they could use in their programming.



Workbooks/Teacher Manuals

In light of the excitement in the trainings, Humans Advancing Together has created a client workbook along with an accompanying teacher's manual. The workbook is designed to be given to the clients going through the rehabilitation programs. The teacher's manual is the guide on how to administer the workbooks. The workbook/teacher manual package must be accompanied by the two day training referenced above.


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If you are interested in enhancing your programs or simply learning some new methods to help clients with which you are working/supervising, please email Toni at We currently have trainings scheduled and will need to discuss potential training dates with you.

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