Training for Rehabilitation Professionals

Whether you are a probation or parole officer, workforce development professional, social worker or other professional intent on helping stop the revolving door of the criminal system, you understand the enormous difficulty in guiding people out of crime and poverty. You also understand the widespread suffering caused by recidivism and the urgent need to stop the cycle.

We have tools that have been proven to enhance the effectiveness of your programs. Christine Morse and Toni White co-founded the highly successful Ascend program. Ascend collected data early on, yielded outstanding outcome measures and has been presented in national criminal justice conferences as a "model for the nation." It is extremely difficult to lower criminal thinking but Ascend's methods have been proven to do just that.

Training and curriculum are offered as well as a workbook course for the clients. Christine and Toni can train your agency on these techniques and provide you with their innovative and effective tools.  When combined with the talents that you bring to the table, we can help your agency win the battle of recidivism.

For People on Probation or Parole and Their Loved Ones

If you or a loved one are on probation or parole, and you are reading this website, we know that you are suffering and are desperate to learn how to make positive change.

Before you do anything else, we would like you to look at the website for the program that we founded called Ascend ( Watch all the videos if you are able.

Are you back? Good. Inspiring isn't it? Are you intrigued?

Now what if we told you that there are these things called "criminogenic risk factors" that can predict the likelihood of a person committing crime? Now our information and tools are NOT meant for people who are "bad seeds," meaning people that intentionally commit violent crime or people that want to cause suffering to others. Thankfully, those people are not the majority of humans and certainly not most of the people going through the criminal justice system.

Our methods are meant to help the people that commit crime that happens because they have the desire to have more control over their decision making but lack right information about how to change.

Back to criminogenic risk factors. These things predict crime. So if you or a loved one are going through the system, you need this information RIGHT NOW! If you click on our menu item that says "For Those on Probation or Parole," you will immediately find a short lesson on criminogenic risk factors.

Several things happen when people going through the system learn of these factors for the first time. First, their life history or problems flash before their eyes (often in an overwhelming way) as they start to see how their life path and return to the system makes sense. Second, they are stunned because they cannot believe that no one has taught them about these things before. Third, they immediately recognize that getting out of crime is a puzzle that they can solve (with the right guidance). Fourth, they start to release some of their shame and replace it with hope. And that's just ONE part of ONE lesson of many that are taught in the Ascend program.

Ascend has been studied by researchers who have determined that the program is extremely innovative and that it WORKS. Researchers called the program "a model for the nation." Christine and Toni quickly recognized that not everyone could attend their program. Seeing the success of their methods and the inability to bring the program to everyone motivated Christine and Toni to co-found United Ladies of Justice. ULOJ's mission is to bring the life changing Ascend teachings to more people and to provide support and information to those going through the system and their loved ones.

The website will be up soon and will offer a workbook course that contains information on how to get out and stay out of the system (and how to have a healthy, happy successful life that everyone deserves!).

The workbook is called "Choosing Freedom" and is designed to be able to be completed by people whether they are in or out of jail.

There is hope for you. You are not alone. We understand. You deserve to get the RIGHT information to transform your life. By reading this website, you have already taken your very first step. Welcome to your new life path.

Decision Making Tools for Personal Growth

One of the most surprising things that Christine and Toni learned through their founding of Ascend is that their own lives became easier. They grew more. They had more peace. They excelled in their work. As part of the founding of Ascend, and as they have continued to run the program, they had to learn the mechanics of the brain's decision making process.

As it turns out, everyone's brain goes through the same steps in making decisions. Our Ascend students may be going through the decision process when dealing with the trigger of an old girlfriend who used to do drugs contacting them. We did not have that challenge but we used the same decision making tools when we were confronted with triggers in our own lives. These tools, we quickly learned, are effective in dealing with the smallest of triggers (like someone cutting you off in traffic), larger issues (dealing with work-life balance issues or a loved one's illness) and EVERYTHING in between.

Christine and Toni created Ascend as a holistic program that would help the students learn the (sneaky) mechanics of decision making, reach their potential and round it all out with life skills that would make for a happy, healthy, peaceful, successful life. As they learned, researched and taught, Christine and Toni saw positive change materialize on both of their lives AND in the lives of every staff member.

Drawing on this experience, and utilizing their research and innovative approach, Christine and Toni have designed a training that can be used by anyone looking to work on life balance and positive change. The training is called "Broaden Your Range Through Positive Change." The name is a little corny, admittedly, but it is also catchy!

The short training is focused on a brief teaching of the mechanics of decision making and how sneaky our brains act in the decision making process, techniques on how to enhance awareness on decision making and holistic methods that can help the process of ushering in positive change.

There is a workbook available for purchase if you choose to work through it on your own or with a group. A one-day retreat can be arranged for large groups that includes yoga and mindfulness. Visit our "Personal Growth for Busy Professionals" for more information about purchasing the workbook or arranging a retreat.


Next Steps...

If you are a rehabilitation professional interested in a training or workbook course to enhance your rehabilitation programming, a person on probation or parole interested in leaving the life of crime for good or a busy professional interested in learning some amazing decision making tools to take your successful life to the next Toni at

If you are interested in learning more about the successful Ascend program, go to

If you are on probation or parole and looking for rehabilitation workbooks and support, keep your eyes open for the soon-to-be-launched United Ladies of Justice website at www.unitedladiesof